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A Medicine Person in Training

As a medicine man in training, one of my many duties is to be an observer to all that is going around and to take note of how to handle things or assist when it comes to working an Ayahuasca Ceremony. However, in one of my more recent ceremonies, I found myself reflecting over something I found as a common theme within every ceremony. In every ceremony I have witnessed thus far, there always seem to be at least one person who makes note of being able to see others in their journey. That they can feel the emotions of the room, the feeling one may be enduring when a heavy experience comes on, and a number of other things to occur during said ceremony. After thinking about this a little while, it leaves me to beg the question: Are we just the universe expressing itself in different forms within different spheres of reality that are connected and can only be seen when one consumes Ayahuasca?

To start this thought for me, we all come from the universe. Regardless of what caused what we know as the "big bang", everything that came from that single point eventually gave rise to us and our existence as a whole. And since we are a bi-product of what was to come after the explosion that created all we know, that also means parts of what came from that forever ago exists within us all. So I believe that whenever people ingest Ayahuasca, they find themselves awakening these fragments within them and being able to interact on a level with others who have also awaken these fragments within from being on the same mental frequency as their fellow journey-er. This much can be confirmed for people often speak of seeing others in the room while they were in their journey, feeling the emotions of others in the room, or even just simply feeling connected to said room and animals near by in the days after.

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