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Kambo as a Preventative Vaccine against viruses

Kambo as a Preventative Vaccine

Indigenous tribes traditionally use kambo regularly as a preventative measure throughout pregnancy, childhood, and adult life. This contrasts with how it is currently used in Western society, which usually involves a single treatment or a short series of treatments rather than continual ceremonies. But the continual, preventative approach of indigenous tribes may hold some secrets as to why kambo can reduce the spread of the herpes infection.

Studies have shown that dermaseptin is most effective against free-herpes viruses as opposed to once the virus has already bonded to nerves. Although it may be able to reduce the amount of herpes once it has attached to a host cell, it works best by preventing the bonding altogether in people who have not already contracted the disease and allowing the virus to be washed out of your system. However, it is unclear how long dermaseptin remains active in the human body after it is administered, which may be why kambo requires multiple, continuous treatments to remain effective.

And while dermaseptin has been isolated as the most important peptide in kambo when it comes to treating herpes, researchers are still working to understand how much kambo’s other bioavailable peptides could increase the efficiency of dermaseptin by potentially infiltrating target nerves or attacking more mature herpes viruses. As scientists continue exploring how dermaseptin works in conjunction with kambo’s other peptides, they may be able to isolate a combination of peptides that provides a permanent, effective vaccine against herpes.

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